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My Grandmother's Hands Reading Group


What would the world feel like if, instead of fight, flight, or freeze, we were able to operate from a body that is grounded and settled? In his book My Grandmother’s Hands, Resmaa Menakem opens our bodies and minds to how racism shows up in our physical selves and impacts our lives. Many of us at Nuu-Muu are ready to explore this book together and we invite you to read along with us. 

This virtual reading group will include discussions, somatic practices and meditation. We will go slow, focus on a few concepts and explore just some of the tools offered in the book. We’ll come away with a greater understanding of our physical and mental responses to racism and conversations about race.

Our group will be led by white-identifying women and all are welcome to join our conversation. Nuu-Muu's Owner Ashley Fullenwider will facilitate our journey. A committed life-long learner who teaches yoga and meditation, Ashley has benefited greatly from the social justice teachers at Off The Mat, Into the World and has taken Resmaa Menakem’s course on Racialized Trauma from the Cultural Somatics Institute.

Participation is free. Any donations can be made directly to Resmaa Menakem to support his work.

We look forward to growing our capacity for difficult conversations and strengthening our ability to engage in anti-racism work. You can find the book here. Our reading group has started, but there's still time to join! Email if you'd like to hop in.