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Hello, Summer '21!

We're happy to provide a bit more detail about fit for Rosa, Lazuli, Summer, Bluegrass, and Lemongrass/LemonPepper. Also, want to know why we have two sets of yellow dresses this year? Watch the video from our Owner/Founder Ashley and/or read below for answers! 

Fit in a nutshell: Summer 2021 dresses are a half inch (.5") shorter than Spring 2021 or Fall 2020. However, they fit similarly to recent productions through the torso/body/middle. Just a wee bit short. So, here’s our advice:
  • If you don’t worry too much about sizing/fit – don’t give it another thought. Go with the usual and enjoy.
  • If you trust that the usual is going to be the usual – go with it and enjoy.
  • If you’ve been hoping for a slightly shorter dress, go with the usual and enjoy.
  • If you’re between sizes and you want extra length, go with the larger or grab both and return whichever needs recirculation.
  • Remember that brand new dresses usually benefit from some time to relax and release. Give them/yourself a second to get used to each other before proclaiming them too [insert something here]. Allow for some difference between brand new dresses and dresses that you’ve worn and washed and loved for a few seasons. [AND know that we honor all manner of returns/exchanges so don’t settle for something you don’t love.]
Lemongrass/LemonPepper in a nutshell: Lemongrass sold out in your size? Check out LemonPeppper! Thanks to a minor printing error, part of our Lemongrass batch is peppered with teeny tiny black dots. Really teeny dots. Itty bitty. You can barely see them from a distance. Think: adorable peppery freckles. Or tiny polka dots. We’re calling these freckled dresses LemonPepper (ha!) and we’re offering them to you for a discount. Other than the (teeny!) dots, these dresses are perfect and fit as described above. 

We hope that helps you makes sense of this very special run. Remember that you can always reach out to for fit advice or questions.

Happy shopping, and happy summer!