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Tealicious Nuu-Muu

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  • This print is gorgeous on every skin tone imaginable and as ideal for a dinner date as it is for a run in the park. Teal-blue background with an clean, modern print in off-white and just a hint of glamorous gold. 
    1. Sewn in the U.S.A
    2. A-line cut that truly flatters
    3. Keeps your secrets – even wet
    4. Comfortable all day
    5. Covers most sports bras completely
    6. Nothing built in for maximum versatility
    7. Designed for exercise and life
    1. Silky polyester/spandex blend
    2. Breathable, moisture wicking & quick dry
    3. Wrinkle, stain & tear resistant
    4. Machine wash cold, hang to dry

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