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A Love Letter

November 21, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

A Love Letter

Gratitude Practice

As I sit here in a quiet house full of sleeping humans and cozy pets, I am grateful that someone somewhere inspired a gratitude practice.

I am grateful for cranberries and Joni Mitchell.

I am grateful for Christine (my Co-Founder) for creating this Nuu-Muu journey for all of us and for the see-through honesty of our friendship.

I am grateful for Enid (our Designer) for her vision and independent spirit.

I am grateful to be alive in the era of #metoo and to witness so much courage.

I am grateful that Nuu-Muu is women owned and operated and that our friendships and sense of accountability to the universe run deep.

I am grateful to Chelle (our Bookeeper) for being right here next to me even when she’s not.

I am grateful for the people who sew our dresses.

I am grateful for Nikki (our Social Butterfly) and our effortless, absurd and brilliant relationship.

I am grateful for the many moms of Nuu-Muu because you tell us to keep going and we believe you.

I am grateful for all things orange - tigers and the sun most of all. And Cheetos.

I am grateful for Molli (our Wholesale Account Ambassador), her energy and ability to see things the rest of us don’t see.

I am grateful to Team Nuu-Muu, our customers who share all of life’s things with each other, including moments of vulnerability that allow us to lift each other up and feel our collective strength.

I am grateful for so many years with my parents.

I am grateful for Jessica (our Office Manager) and her no-nonsense green hair and for her ability to make her voice heard in our boisterous team bubble.

I am grateful for yoga and the hard lesson of learning how to be still and not do . . . anything . . . OMG

Climate change: I see you.

I am grateful to the men of Nuu-Muu who have cheered us on (and stepped in when asked) from the very first day. Man-Muu – you elusive bugger – we’re coming for you.

I am grateful that in this era of fast fashion, the art of Nuu-Muu dresses gets to stick around for enough time to be appreciated by many.

I am grateful for the steady presence of Jeni (our Shipping Fairy), especially when she flashes her fantastic sense of humor.

I am grateful for our customers who somehow hear our mission through the noise of the world and take precious time to play and to care about each other.

I am grateful for Shelley (Show Sister) and other VIPs around the edges who add their thoughtfulness, creativity and passion to our collective party.

I am grateful for sunrises, earl grey tea and finding time for reflection and writing.

May all beings be free.

In gratitude,


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Erica Berraho
Erica Berraho

December 03, 2018

I am grateful for you to my friend. Thanks to you and Christine for building something that is even bigger then a running dress. It means so much more.

Kristina Varner
Kristina Varner

December 03, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! What a lovely person you are to reflect back on all you are grateful for in this life! Although we haven’t met, I am grateful to have crossed “paths” with you and all the ladies of Team Nuu-Muu.
Peace and love!

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