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World Nuu-Muu Day!!

November 13, 2018 2 min read

World Nuu-Muu Day!!

By a somewhat random decision, October 13, 2018 became the 1stAnnual World Nuu-Muu Day.  

October 13th is roughly 10 years and 6 months from the first-ever public Nuu-Muu moment, so clearly, it was time to party. To be honest, I wasn’t involved with choosing the date. But I did agree to host an event in Boise to mark the moment and celebrate an incredible decade.

As soon as I committed to host, I was nervous. Like, truly nervous. Which is funny considering I have been doing Nuu-Muu for 10 pretty sweet years.

I found that eliciting local support and involvement made me braver. Shine Yoga Collective agreed to host our event, which meant lunch planning meetings with dear friend and studio owner Susan. Mission Donuts became the featured treat, which meant tastings with Krystle, my favorite neighbor/donut entrepreneur. Designing a 5k walk/run event prior to our open house became delightful with the gorgeous energy of Miss Molli – Nuu-Muu’s Wholesale Account Ambassador.  

And it just happened that World Nuu-Muu Day landed on the weekend that my Mom and Aunt Ann were visiting, giving me a built-in set-up team. Yep, Mom and Aunt Ann made it happen (with some astute supervising by my 14-year old manager, Mica).

And so, after a pep talk from Nuu-Muu’s own Social Butterfly (I adore you Nikki) and the support and brilliance of the aforementioned women, we showed up. And we pulled it off.

And then THEY showed up. The beautiful fans of Nuu-Muu. One flew in from Florida. Two drove over from Walla Walla. There are more stories, but here’s the synopsis: we were busy all afternoon, laughing and snacking and trying on dresses and sharing opinions.  And in truly Nuu-Muu style, we connected as human beings, brought together by camaraderie 

After the fact, my partner in crime (Ashley) asked me why I’d been so nervous. My “as close as I can get to true” answer was that I felt shy and embarrassed that it had been so long since I hosted anything for Nuu-Muu in Boise. I wasn’t sure I deserved to have anyone show up.  

But what I got from that afternoon is this: every single time we show up, something beautiful happens. This isn’t new information…just something I had quietly forgotten.

And I am already looking forward to whatever loveliness unfolds during the next World Nuu-Muu Day. Because we are definitely doing this again.

With love and a grateful heart,


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