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Shine On with Goldee!

Welcome to SHINE ON!

What started as our 2019 April Fools joke has blossomed into a shiny community building program! Inspired by the zest our customers (YOU) had for this Little Gold Dress, we decided to make Goldee a reality! We made one Goldee Ruu-Muu in each size (XS-3XL) for all to share and we hope that each Goldee will inspire adventure and love as she travels from person to person!

Want to know more about this fun traveling dress program? All the information you could ever need is right on this page!


    Goldee Guidelines 

    1. You only get Goldee once. Make the most of your 2 weeks together! 

    2. Share 1-3 photos of yourself wearing Goldee on Team Nuu-Muu and/or Instagram during your time period. Be sure to use the hashtag #SHINEON when you post! 

    3. Write a bit about yourself in the Goldee Guestbook, and limit your entry to 1 page. Please include details such as your name, home country/state, and the dates that you had Goldee.  

    4. When your "Gold Star" moment is over, please carefully wash with unscented detergent and hang dry Goldee before sending her on. In fact, please don't let Goldee mingle with strong scents, like fragrant detergent/fabric softener, perfume, cigarette smoke, incense, strong pet odors, etc.

    5. About halfway through your Goldee time, you will receive an email with instructions from on how to pass her on to the next Gold Star. Please respond promptly and follow the guidance in the email! 

    6. Please do not throw away the shipping bag! This is a reusable LimeLoop shipper that you will use to send Goldee to the next lucky Gold Star. Reusable packaging for the win! 

    7. If you have any questions, please email

    8. No matter what you and Goldee do together, have fun!


    Inside the Shine On package you will find:

    • One sparkly Goldee ready for adventure
    • 1 Goldee Guestbook 
    • Laminated Goldee Guidelines
    • 1 LimeLoop reusable shipping package 


    Shipping Goldee

    Halfway through your Gold Star moment, check your email for instructions on where and how to send Goldee for her next adventure! Please respond to this email promptly. Make sure to save the LimeLoop reusable shipper as that is Goldee's transport to her next adventure! 

    In general, you are responsible for covering the cost of shipping to the next Gold Star. We are happy to assist occasionally, for example on large international fees. If shipping costs are a barrier to participation, please email 




        Shine on FAQS

        Can I adventure with Goldee for more than one round?

        Goldee is your guest and adventure buddy for 2 weeks. Since Goldee has a very busy social schedule, you get just one visit together.  She has lots of adventures to go on and she wants to spread the love! 

        How many Goldee dresses are there and in what dress style?

        We made only ONE Goldee Ruu-Muu in each size: XS-3XL.

        How does Nuu-Muu decide where Goldee goes each time?

        We will choose Gold Stars at random, but we may take location into account to be mindful of Goldee's carbon footprint, especially when she heads out of the United States. Halfway through your visit with Goldee, you will recieve instructions from  letting you know where and how to send Goldee along.

        How will I know when it's my turn?

        If you are selected to be the next Gold Star, you will get an email from a few weeks in advance to verify shipping details and confirm that this would be a good time for you to adventure with Goldee. Responding to this email promptly will ensure a timely Goldee transition.

        Does it cost me anything to participate?

        There are no sign-up or participation costs. We made these dresses as a low-cost way to build community and have fun. However, you are responsible for the shipping costs associated with sending her to the next Gold Star.

        Do I have to go on big adventures to wear Goldee? Can we just hang out on the couch and read a good book together?

        Of course!  Goldee is game for whatever adventure you take her on; climbing a mountain, running a 5K, biking along a trail, baking cookies in the kitchen or heading to the couch to read that book. Whatever you chose to do together, just be safe and practice social distancing when appropriate.

        How do I wash Goldee?

        Wash Goldee just like your other Nuu-Muus; machine wash with unscented detergent, hang dry and avoid Velcro. Please also limit Goldee's time with strong scents of any kind such as fragrant detergent/fabric softener, perfume, cigarette smoke, incense, pet odors, etc. Remember, she is a guest and will be traveling to other hosts who may have allergies or sensitivities. 

        Who do I contact with questions?

        Email and ask away!

        What if there is a shipping delay? Will this affect how long I get to keep Goldee?

        If Goldee takes a long time to get to you, reach out to when she arrives so we can adjust her travel plans and ensure that you get your full golden moment.

        How do I sign-up to have a turn with Goldee?

        Open enrollment for the Shine On program ended April 18, 2021. Please email with enrollment (or any other) questions.