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Since May of 2020, our Nuu-Muu team has dedicated time and energy to learning about racism and our own privilege, and we’re understanding more about how this shows up in our communities. As part of this work, we're launching a mentorship program to connect aspiring BIPOC high school girls/entrepreneurs with women entrepreneurs in Whatcom County.

Introducing: Business Friends for Success (BFFs) 

Vision: The Whatcom Business Friends For Success (BFFs) program will engage the next generation of entrepreneurial dreamers through fun and meaningful connection with Whatcom womxn business leaders.

Program goals:

  • Spark and explore ideas
  • Foster inspiration, innovation and grit
  • Provide practical advice and planning
  • Answer questions and troubleshoot
  • Create community

The mentorship program will feature:

  • A cohort of one-on-one mentoring relationships.
  • Training and guidance for all participants and relationships.
  • Support for mentees in envisioning and/or implementing a tangible business project.
  • The program is designed to be independent of school requirements and is formatted for extracurricular exploration.
  • Monthly virtual gatherings for Mentors/Mentees/Community Members to dive deeply into a business-related topic of interest. Topics will range from business core basics to “out of the box” explorations and visioning of what business can look like.


Mentors are entrepreneurs/business womxn excited to inspire the next generation and connect locally to others who share the same interests.

Mentees are high school students and/or young adults who identify as female and are interested in partnering with a mentor to learn about business and generate or refine a business idea or project.

Community members will be invited to attend monthly topical deep dives. All are welcome to attend and priority will be given to the BFF cohort during the question and answer portion of the meeting.


The BFFs program was born from Nuu-Muu’s growing awareness of and desire to combat the inequities and systemic racism that exist within the business sector and beyond. We welcome and encourage anyone interested to apply. The BFFs program will prioritize the participation of people from marginalized communities.


BFFs will happen virtually over Zoom until further notice. Accepting applications November 1-30, 2021 for Spring 2022 cohort. Program dates are January 15, 2022 – June 15, 2022.

Apply to be a MENTOR (Bellingham-based applicants only, please)

Apply to be a MENTEE 

Questions? Contact 





What would the world feel like if, instead of fight, flight, or freeze, we were able to operate from a body that is grounded and settled? In his book My Grandmother’s Hands, Resmaa Menakem opens our bodies and minds to how racism shows up in our physical selves and impacts our lives. Many of us at Nuu-Muu are ready to explore this book together and we invite you to read along with us. 

This virtual reading group will include discussions, somatic practices and meditation. We will go slow, focus on a few concepts and explore just some of the tools offered in the book. We’ll come away with a greater understanding of our physical and mental responses to racism and conversations about race.

Our group will be led by white-identifying women and all are welcome to join our conversation. Nuu-Muu's Owner Ashley Fullenwider will facilitate our journey. A committed life-long learner who teaches yoga and meditation, Ashley has benefited greatly from the social justice teachers at Off The Mat, Into the World and has taken Resmaa Menakem’s course on Racialized Trauma from the Cultural Somatics Institute.

Participation is free. Any donations can be made directly to Resmaa Menakem to support his work.

We look forward to growing our capacity for difficult conversations and strengthening our ability to engage in anti-racism work. You can find the book here. Our reading group has started, but there's still time to join! Email if you'd like to hop in.