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Trial Plus Sizing

Thanks for being here!

We have been working hard to incorporate customer feedback to update, improve and expand our plus sized offerings with the goal of ultimately offering a line that goes up to 5XL. While we aren’t quite there, due to a happy accident (perspective is everything!), certain prints of our Nuu-Muu Classic dresses in sizes 2XL and 3XL were sewn with our trial pattern.  We invite you to shop this small collection of dresses, try our new pattern, and offer your feedback. Your purchase is returnable.

This new pattern incorporates opinions, data and love from dozens of plus-size customers who have joined us for fit parties. (And YES, those are super fun gatherings.) You can expect these dresses to fit about a size bigger than our current 2X and 3X dresses and have improved fit in the arm holes.

We hope this offering is headed in the right direction! 

With Love,

The Nuu Crew