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Decade Discount

We love to celebrate big moments. (And little moments. But especially big moments!) That's why we are pleased as punch to offer our Decade Discount program. It goes like this:

If you are celebrating a decade birthday, you get $10 off your order for each 10 years you have lived!  If you are turning 30, you get $30 off. 50? $50 off. And so on and so forth! To get your special code, just email with proof of your DOB and tiny little note about how you are celebrating your birthday. Sometimes age has benefits.


Team 25 Discount

Nuu-Muu also adores supporting groups of women who support each other. We get tickled when we hear that women get together in their Muus to run races, climb mountains, go bike riding or go bowling! If you want to outfit your team, club, squad, troupe, gang or lineup, you could be eligible for 25% off the entire order! It goes like this: 

  • Order must contain at least 5 adult dresses
  • Order must be valued at $375 or above
  • Order must be shipped to one address
  • Dresses can be any combination of styles, sizes and prints
  • Use Coupon Code TEAM25 at checkout
  • If you want to make us extra happy, send us a picture of your team all decked out in Muu - be warned, we love to share them with the universe


Share in the fun!

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