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Phoenix GoBe
Jen Filarski
Phoenix is HOT

I have many many Ruus and Nuus and thought I’d give a Gobe a try. I absolutely love the fit!! Soooooooo flattering and ultra comfortable. And who can resist this print. So happy! In LOVE!

Dotcha GoBe
Jennifer Mackey
Perfect Fit, Buttery Soft

This dress is everything I've ever wanted in a dress! When I put it on the first time, I exclaimed to myself aloud, 'Wow! Perfect fit! And it feels so buttery soft. These folx got it right.' The fact I'm bothering to write this review is a massive compliment.

As a Canadian customer, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't charged any duty on my order of 2 Gobe dresses, so that was a nice bonus.

Based on the Gobe Size Chart, I should have ordered a 3XL (5'7", measuring 46-40-50), and I find that the 2XL I ordered is perfect and gives me room to spare. For a more form-fitting size, I'll purchase an XL next time.

The true test will come with multiple washings, so looking forward to seeing how this dress stands up.

Thanks to the thoughtful folx at Nuu-Muu for designing the perfect dress!

Gardenia Scoop
Camille Hackler
Lovely Gardenia

I love pink and green, so to find a dress combine two of my favorite colors was a treat. The colors are vibrant and attractive and the print is beautiful. I am very happy with this dress!

Serene GoBe
Carol F.
Yes and No

I love the idea of this dress and, at 5’4”, appreciate that it comes down to the top of my knees. The fabric as always is soft, cool, and comfortable. However, I’m also of an age (65) where I’m not super comfortable going bare legged and the length of the dress doesn’t look right with capris or leggings. I bought Serene which is a bit darker than expected. I might try a lighter brighter color and see if that doesn’t create such a contrast with my winter white legs. I’d love to find a pattern in this dress that works for travel.

Dotcha GoBe

I love this dress. The pattern is fun and the dress is very flattering. I wear it to work and get lots of compliments. I am 5'3 155 and a DD chest. The medium fits perfectly. It hits right at the knee.

Gorgeous Color!!

I love this versatile, oh-so-comfy dress! Upbeet is the most beautiful shade of magenta with wonderful polka-dots. Looks really good with the Raven Tee.

A Definite Fav!!

Absolutely love Abracadabra!

So in love with this dress

Finally I can wear a Gobe dress without any alternation - I ordered my regular XXS and it hits above my knees. I am only 5'3" so I didn't have to cut it shorter. The fits are just fine and I would love to buy all of this season's (Spring 22) patterns as it fits me great. Hope next season's Gobe would be like this... I would buy it again and again. Highly recommeded.

Colorful exercise pants

I usually choose dark neutral pants but these have all the colors of my workout tops, sweatshirts, and shoes in them so I decided to live dangerously. They're so colorful and cheerful, and go with all my solid colored tops. They're cool and smooth, and fit quite well. I always have issues with high waisted things reaching almost to the bottom of my bra, which these do, but I can fold down the waistband when that bothers me. I would love some pants that have a tapered waistband, higher in the back and a little lower in the front, but figure that style will come back eventually. They fit well in the backside and overall seem true to size. The pockets are a nice bonus I'm still getting used to. They seem well made.

Great green dress

I have been looking for a nice green dress for some time. For me a good green is one that's not too garish (not like those St Paddy's day tshIrts) but also not too drab/olive. I look better in cool tones but most green things I've looked at have been too warm. This dress has a balance - there are some gold highlights in the print but the overall look is a mid-toned green. It's really hard to describe but the pictures are quite accurate. Of course the dress is well made, soft and smooth, and fits just like the one I bought last fall - perfectly! Love the sassy length, just right for me at 5'2" and I'm looking forward to wearing them all summer.

X-Dress Nuu-Muu
Love it ... more than expected

I needed an LBD for a trip to Vegas. But since we weren't going all out FANCY, I also wanted something practical. And since I'm pretty sporty, I wanted something to do all of those things ... and all of those things IN.

Impossible task. I've been on this particular mission for years. Years, I tell you.

Enter NuuMuu.

I wore the dress to dinner with a sweater, bike shorts (chaffing, my friends, chaffing), sandals and fake diamond earrings, and I felt good. Like I fit in, like I leveled up my look, but it was still me and very comfortable.

I'm going to a music event this weekend, and I'm going to wear this dress again.

It's just absolutely perfect. Will I ever hike or paddle board in it? I'm not sure, but it's nice to know I could!

If I were a woman who loved dresses, I'd buy a few of these. I might anyway.

Way better than it looks!

I took advantage of the Spring sale and almost reluctantly chose Beep. I say reluctantly because I wouldn’t normally choose a brown ( even though I got Abracadabra and love it), but I have so many purples and blues, I couldn’t justify another- even on sale!! When I opened my package, I was thrilled. I had expected the polka dots to be sort of big, but they are small, the size of the little dots made by hole punchers- in a wild variety of gorgeous colors. The dress goes with everything- blue, green, pink, purple, grey, brown, coral, turquoise. It may become my new favorite! So Happy Birthday to me!!

Great for all seasons!

This is my 5th nuu muu and I must this one as well as the first. The fit is forgiving and the print is very pretty. I usually wear this nuu muu for biking with bike shorts/pants underneath. I go from bike to lunch or dinner with ease. A great travel dress too.

Gardenia Nuu-Muu
Happy Fun Dress

Gardenia is a gorgeous, happy, fun dress! Thank you NuuMuu for the cheerful prints!

Moonflower Nuu-Muu
Gorgeous Pattern
Love this dress

I LOVE nuu muu dresses and moonflower is one of my favorite patterns. These dresses are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down and worn for loungewear, activewear, or an evening out.

Dotcha GoBe
Diana Schumacher
Fabulous and Versatile

Just adore my Gobe dress! Can be dressed up with boots and accessories for a fabulous outing, or paired with hiking boots and a vest for fabulous outdoor adventures! Love them!

Magical dress

Abracadabra is beautiful. Fall colors with burgundy and a hint of blue/bronze, pretty. It goes well with jeans or leggings. Sizing and length are the same as the summer dresses, on the shorter side. Thanks for another great dress!

Heaven Prants
NW Hiker
Finally for me!

Have been a buyer of Nuu-Muu clothes for others but finally blessed myself! Love these leggings! Soft, strong, comfy. Totally loved the print.
#160 pounds/athletic build // usual size 10 // bought the Large = fit perfect.

Dotcha GoBe
It is not only a WOW it is wonderful

The dress I was expecting since so long!

Abracadabra Scoop
Sonia Alexis
Always feel FABULOUS in a Muu!!!

These dresses are my not so secret addiction- I’ve been wearing them for over 10 years and I must get new ones every season! They’re the most comfy, versatile and stylish performance wear you can buy. Good for everyday and special occasions- there is nowhere I won’t Muu!!! Love this subtly vibrant print. Its a great addition to my collection

Abracadabra Scoop
Jane Lowe-Webster
Pleasant surprise

The photos on the webpage (or at least on my old computer) don't really do this dress justice. It looked sort of brown to me--which is not really my color. I went into the store to compare sizes to make sure I had chosen the best size in a dress I had ordered, and while there, found myself really drawn to this dress. Most of my dresses are shades of blue and purple. This is so different from all my others (14). Burgundy, violet, orange, red, blue, grey-and yes, brown--but all so subtle. Lots of colors go with it. It is Magic. I so lucked out. When I was trying to decide between this and Lazuli, which is more like all my others, the wonderful staff suggested I check the Blemish bin. Well, lo and behold, both of these were available in my size for HALF PRICE!! The blemishes are almost imperceptible--no one will notice--and they are on the back. How lucky I was. I got both for the price of One! Thank you Nuu Muu. Love these dresses!!

Boysenberry Ruu-Muu
Jane Lowe-Webster

This dress is gorgeous. One of my new favorites!! Usually I buy scoops, but I am sort of in between M and L, so bought the Ruu in a large--have to have a pocket. Perfect solution. No gaping at the armholes, a bit looser in the abdomen, and a gorgeous dress.

My new favorite

This is my first purchase in quite awhile. To be honest, I already had a couple of Nuu-Muu dresses that I never (rarely) wore and was hesitant on purchasing another. Of course I had great intentions of making cute outfits and changing my clothing style, but would I have the confidence to do so? This dress, along with Team Nuu-Muu, changed everything for me. This dress has become my favorite. I love the colors, the cut and the versatility. Well made and so comfortable. Who knew dressing up or going casual could be so much fun. Keep spreading the love and happiness!

Boysenberry Scoop
Kathy Cappello Clancy
I love my dresses!

I bought the Dream, the Matcha and the Boysenberry. They're going to be perfect when the weather gets warmer. They're so lightweight. I love the material. And I love the prints. And I love the pocket. But I would also have liked two pockets in the front. In any case, I love the scoop neck and the length is perfect.

Versatile wardrobe staple

Super comfortable wardrobe item for everyday or travel. Easy care and can use for exercise or dress up with leggings, cardigan and nicer shoes to go out for dinner. The size fits me perfectly and is flattering !