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1% for the Planet

July 26, 2018 3 min read

1% for the Planet

Paperwork isn’t my favorite thing. But when I finally find time each year to file our 1% for the Planet certification paperwork, it’s a pretty great day for Nuu-Muu.

We give money to dedicated non-profits because we deeply care about the future, our environment, and the impact humans have on the natural world around us. We care about the critters and we care about supporting the humans who care about the critters. We really care.

A couple of years ago our company took a good hard look at how we spend our pennies and our charitable contributions were up for discussion. Long story short – we collectively decided that we won’t give this up. Giving back is an intrinsic part of our business and one we care deeply about. Since 2011, Nuu-Muu has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to environmental organizations that speak to our hearts and minds.

In 2018, here’s what made the list and why. Oh, and for all you customers out there – THANK YOU! This is your legacy as much as ours. Here’s what we’re doing together:

  • Elkhorn Slough Foundation: Because #ottercam. This is the Monterey Bay stomping grounds of Ashley. She loves this place more than Indian food, and that’s saying something.
  • Idaho Conservation League: A Nuu-Muu favorite from the beginning. Christine and Molli spend plenty of time in this vast, gorgeous landscape. Big shout out to ICL for everything they do to protect this land for future generations.
  • Advocates for the West: OMG we love how badass, unapologetic, and fierce this group works their work – all up and down the West Coast. This amazing group of lawyers is 100% action and we can’t say enough about how grateful we all are. Plus – wolves.
  • Conservation Alliance: The Alliance brings together industry to elevate our conservation voices and advocate for the pieces of this country – big and small – that make a difference in our everyday lives. You bring us together and make big things happen. Bravo.
  • Cornucopia Institute: Is it food? That’s a question we ask ourselves often enough at Nuu-Muu. We care deeply about clean, healthy food and those passionate people who work tirelessly to keep farms and labels honest. Chelle – This one’s for you!
  • World Bicycle Relief: Education – check. Mobility – check. Equality – check. Serious commitment to education for girls in Africa – check! Ask Ashley and Matt for more information about their trip to Zambia to check out exactly how this all goes down. We can’t say enough good things about WBR!
  • FRIENDS of the San Juans: This organization devotes its energy to protecting orcas and all the other charismatic megafauna in our backyard, the San Juan Islands. #gratitude
  • Recreation Northwest: One word – Parkscriptions. This organization is working with physicians to promote time outside to cure what ails you. This innovative collaboration is making waves in Bellingham and we love love love what they’re up to.
  • Wild Whatcom: Kids and snails and mud and slugs and wet leaves and did we say mud? This wildly successful organization is brimming with opportunities to get kids outside to explore our amazing PNW rain and shine. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the next generation of explorers and conservationists.
  • RE Sources for Sustainable Communities: Another powerhouse in Bellingham, RE Sources is dedicated to reduce, reuse, recycle, and FIGHT the good fight to protect the natural environment around Whatcom County. We are proud to be aligned with this valuable local organization that speaks loudly and clearly to protect our place.
  • Sustainable Connections: Last but not least, we are new members of Sustainable Connections here in Bellingham – an organization that brings together local businesses to make the most of our local economy. We’re looking forward to collaborations big and small with this great group of entrepreneurs and business people. #buylocal

Big shout out to these organizations for the work that they do in the world. We are grateful for their efforts and look forward to additional collaborations.

In gratitude,

Ashley and all of us at Nuu-Muu

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