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Bike racer we love to love

October 21, 2014 2 min read

Bike racer we love to love

Sarah Barber of Boise, ID is one of those women. She loves biking, “both pavement and dirt.” She started as a runner, only latching onto bike racing as a means of cross-training to avoid running injuries. From there, Sarah went on to win the 2013 U.S. Masters National Championships time trial.  2014 has been good for her too, winning the Idaho State road race, time trial, and criterion. But when you meet Sarah, it is the rest of her that shines.

Her “kids” are canines – two of them. She is a Life Flight paramedic. She loves traveling, cooking with her husband, red wine, the smell of rain, and going to bed on freshly washed sheets. Whether racing or at work, Sarah has a habit of being “the girl in a guy’s world” and takes pride in being tough like the guys but still looking like a girl.  Enter: Nuu-Muu.

Sarah is a self-proclaimed Nuu-Muu promoter and finds opportunities galore to feature Nuu-Muu in the bike racing world. She got to “rock Snowberry” on the podium of Rebecca’s Private Idaho race on Labor Day Weekend. As Sarah puts it:  “Nuu-Muu was a scene stealer.”  Sarah is excited to represent the brand of Nuu-Muu because for her, it’s all about being empowered to do what you love exactly how you love to do it.

Sarah epitomizes our motto:

We believe in strong girls and women.We believe in real bodies and real friends.

We believe in trying really, really hard. We believe in having fun along the way.

Thanks Sarah, for taking Nuu-Muu along on your ride.

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