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Sweet Socks and Serendipity

January 07, 2022 2 min read

Sweet Socks and Serendipity

Running a business generally involves offering promotions at some point and we want to tell the story of one of our recent promotions, because it felt fantastic on many levels.  One could say we ‘just made socks’, but these socks connected the dots, so to speak, of our business’s priorities and mission, allowed us to partner with another woman-owned business, and spread some love in our local and global communities. Just socks, you say? Nah. So much more than that!

It’s hard to say where this idea first started. Did it start the day Leta modeled for Nuu-Muu and Enid took time to learn about her work with IRIS, a nonprofit that supports basic human needs for immigrant families? 

Was it one of the times Caroline modeled for Nuu-Muu and we learned about her altruistic business (Your City Sports) that donates a pair of socks for every pair sold? 

Did it start when Sandi found our company and let her sparkles and rainbows loose on our Facebook page?

Or was it when Jeni proposed the clever idea of “Socking Stuffers” in one of our team calls?

Long (and sweet) story, short: we decided to make bright striped knee socks and gift them to anyone who bought a dress on a given day. The idea of fun socks made us all a little giddy. 

And so, in December 2021, thanks to our customers and the partners mentioned above, we gifted 575 pairs of socks to people in need. Caroline’s company made the socks. Leta helped us find some of those socks a home through IRIS. (Below, Caroline making one of the donation deliveries. Northwest Youth Services and the YWCA were also recipients.)

Picture of sock donation

And then, in a moment of sheer brilliance during our World Nuu-Muu Day Zoom call, a long-time customer spontaneously named them “Sandi socks” – thus completing the circle. Thanks for the perfect name, Virginia! (Below, Sandi modeling her socks. And her helmet. Go, Sandi!!)

Sandi socks

The hardest part of the whole thing? Deciding which colors to make the stripes.

Our team loved the continuity of this moment most of all: a seemingly random collection of conversations and interests and ideas coalesced elegantly into a promotion that highlighted our products, our values, our models, our commitment to giving, our love of fun, and our love of rainbows.

We sold out the first time, but don’t worry – we made more. And you can get yours now!

Love and rainbows,

The Nuu Crew

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