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What's in a name, exactly?

September 15, 2015 2 min read

What's in a name, exactly?

Naming our latest patterns is fun time at Nuu-Muu. We brainstorm. We bicker. We giggle. We send ridiculous emails back and forth to one another. Eventually, we come to some kind of [mostly] happy consensus.

In naming two of our 2015 Fall prints, a bit of history came into the game.

You see, there are some really great moments that will forever be part of the Nuu-Muu story. In a tribute to one amazing, paradigm-shifting, beautifully confident woman, we offer the genesis story of how Smokin’ and Hottt were named.

This account is straight from the heart of Ronda, of one of Nuu-Muu’s esteemed Madame Ambassadors:

One of my all-time favorite memories of Nuu-Muu magic comes from a few years back at the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida. A lovely young lady had stepped up to the booth and decided to try on a fabulous Purrrple NuuMuu.

To say that this woman was extremely voluptuous would still be an understatement, so the team watched, bemused and entranced as she selected a size Small (gasp!) and disappeared into the dressing room.

We looked at each other tentatively…this woman was the very definition of curvaceous…she was full-bodied, sexy, round…a Medium maybe …but a Small…??  This might not turn out well.

Moments later she emerged, rocking a Nuu-Muu that looked about to burst into vivacious Purrrple fireworks if she so much as took a deep breath. We watched in stunned silence as the woman slowly rotated in front of the mirror. She had a little frown on her face.

She rotated. Front. Back. Side to side. Over the left shoulder, over the right. Full rear view now, eyes narrowed in serious critique.

And then it happened:  Miss Bodacious Hourglass took a deep breath and chirped happily to the gawking crowd, “Uh Huh. My body is smokin’ hot….I think I need the EXTRA SMALL !”


And she did! And she rocked it. Thank you, mystery lady. We love your bold, unapologetic appreciation of your curves. That moment taught us a lot about how to be Smokin’ Hottt every day. So surprising. So perfect. We salute you!

Inspired all over again – thank you, Ronda!

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