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Yes in a Dress

January 10, 2018 1 min read

Yes in a Dress

What happens when the mother of a 9-year-old tells a Facebook group full of strong, intelligent, active Nuu-Muu lovers that a basketball coach asked her daughter if she was “really going to wear that dress (her Mini-Muu) for basketball practice?”

An outpouring of love, support, fabulous advice, that’s what. And one completely perfect hashtag.

Behold: #yesinadress

The Facebook group? Team Nuu-Muu. The women in this group are, in a word, awesome. They constantly provide support, compassion and inspiration to one another. We call them “Teamies.” It fits.

Back to the story. Our 9-year-old was surprised by her coach’s inquiry, and also somewhat embarrassed.  Her Mama, not sure what to do, posed the question on Team Nuu-Muu.

Cue the power of strong women. Nuu-Muu offered free Mini-Muus to the entire basketball team. The Teamies - eager to let this young girl know it is OK (and amazing!) to play in a dress - showed their support by spontaneously posting fun photos of themselves being active in their dresses. We asked them to come up with a hashtag to accompany these photos.

And that’s how #yesinadress was born.

We love it.

Yes, you can wear your exercise dress to basketball practice. Yes, you can run that 5k. Yes, you can ace that big work thing. Yes, yes, yes, you can do it in a dress.  

P.S. Mama reports that our young friend wore her dress to practice again later that week.



On instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Use #yesinadress and show the world what you can do in a Nuu-Muu.


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