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Tracy C
Gotcha Gobe (worn with bike shorts w/pockets)

I was hesitant to get the Gobe as it doesn't have pockets BUT I always wear bike shorts /leggings with pockets under my Muu's so decided to do the same with a Gobe. So glad I did. Because of the flair cut you don't see the outline of my phone in bike short pockets unless it gets pulled taut over the area and still not distracting to me.
I wear a continuous blood glucose monitor so I need to have my phone (or a receiver) with me at all times. The outline of the sensor I wear on my abdomen also isn't visible.
I generally wear bike shorts with deep pockets so the phone is well down into the flaired area. No regrets here.

So glad you're loving your GoBe, Tracy! Thanks for sharing the photos!


As always, these dresses are well-made and superbly comfortable. Dress up, dress down, accessorize to your heart's content -- or not. The dresses are beautifully simple in their design. This is my first GoBe, but it won't be my last. It's a classic shape. That said, what sold me on Boheme is the print itself. Wow. What a beauty. It is the epitome of fall.

Jen Filarski
Phoenix is HOT

I have many many Ruus and Nuus and thought I’d give a Gobe a try. I absolutely love the fit!! Soooooooo flattering and ultra comfortable. And who can resist this print. So happy! In LOVE!

Jennifer Mackey
Perfect Fit, Buttery Soft

This dress is everything I've ever wanted in a dress! When I put it on the first time, I exclaimed to myself aloud, 'Wow! Perfect fit! And it feels so buttery soft. These folx got it right.' The fact I'm bothering to write this review is a massive compliment.

As a Canadian customer, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't charged any duty on my order of 2 Gobe dresses, so that was a nice bonus.

Based on the Gobe Size Chart, I should have ordered a 3XL (5'7", measuring 46-40-50), and I find that the 2XL I ordered is perfect and gives me room to spare. For a more form-fitting size, I'll purchase an XL next time.

The true test will come with multiple washings, so looking forward to seeing how this dress stands up.

Thanks to the thoughtful folx at Nuu-Muu for designing the perfect dress!

Carol F.
Yes and No

I love the idea of this dress and, at 5’4”, appreciate that it comes down to the top of my knees. The fabric as always is soft, cool, and comfortable. However, I’m also of an age (65) where I’m not super comfortable going bare legged and the length of the dress doesn’t look right with capris or leggings. I bought Serene which is a bit darker than expected. I might try a lighter brighter color and see if that doesn’t create such a contrast with my winter white legs. I’d love to find a pattern in this dress that works for travel.