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Need some Nuu-Muu in your store?

Nuu-Muu Dresses on hangers

Do you operate a retail store that could be a good fit for Nuu-Muu's line of exercise and travel dresses? Do you want to:

  • Find out why one store in a remote tourist town in Canada puts ads in the paper when Nuu-Muu's new lines arrive?
  • Hear all about the tried and true "dressing room test" and why we are proud to offer sizes XXS-3XL?
  • Get the lowdown on our company philosophy including our commitment to being sewn in the USA?
  • Learn more about why our fabric is so fantastic?
  • Understand why the phrase "no one owns just one Nuu-Muu" came to be?
  • Answer the question "what do I wear underneath?" (Perfect moment for the up-sell!)

We have incredible retail partners all over the world and welcome the right new additions.

Interested? Curious? Overjoyed?  Find us!

Email our Wholesale Account Ambassador Molli for more information about our wholesale pricing and terms. She can get you on the path to a store stocked with the power of Muu!