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OUR GEAR LIST for Bikepacking with Young Kids



Here you go! As complete a gear list as we can get for the items our family finds essential for bikepacking with our kids. Our gear has changed over the years, as our kids have grown and we've learned more, and it will continue to evolve with us. We hope you find something on this list that will help make that family bikepacking trip happen for you!

For more information, see our full reel series on Bikepacking with Young Kids on Nuu-Muu's Instagram. If you have questions about anything on the list or something that doesn't show up there, please don't hesitate to send us a DM!



The ARGO Cargo Kit - they're coming out with a new version in 2024! Can't say enough good things about this - just check out this reel for all the reasons why we love it for bikepacking and life

Argo Rain Canopy - in an absolute downpour, our kids were very confused when we stopped to take a break from the rain because they were completely dry under this. Plus it packs down real small when not in use

- Kona Rove LTD - my bikepacking steed that attaches to the Argo. I have the steel version because it's more durable and better for heavy loads. This bike is an amazing blend of nimble, sturdy, and ready to party

- Kona Sutra LTD - my husband's bikepacking steed that attaches to the Argo, also in the steel version for the same reason. This one is designed as a slightly burlier and bigger bike than my Rove

Woom 1 - this is the balance bike of choice for our littles, and it's easy to strap to the outside of the Argo so they can have a chance to do some biking themselves on the trip


Bike bags

Ortlieb – Handlebar Pack, Fork-Packs

Revelate – Mountain Feedbag, Mag-Tank, Tangle Frame Bag

Yellow Cat Industries – Cat Nipper and Seat Tube Bag

Jandd – Large Mountain Pannier and Bike Rack Bungee


Kid clothes

Bonds Wondersuits - lightweight, double-zippered and super stretchy onesies that are like a whole-body sunshirt. Hand and foot cuffs are great for extra warmth and/or sun protection

Mini-Muus - nearly all the adults on our family bikepacking trips wear Nuu-Muu dresses (they're quick-dry, sweat-wicking, never wrinkle or show sweat and easily wash up in a sink or river, they give booty coverage over your all-day shammy, and they bring that off-the-chart fun factor) and thankfully they're available for kids too, as our girls want to match! Remember that whole "new-levels-of-dirty" factor for bikepacking kids? Like the adult version, Mini-Muus are PERFECT for that. 

Green Sprouts Eco Flap Hat - for under the helmet and on its own. We love these for the flaps that give great sun coverage but stay out of the way and for how lightweight and quick-dry the material is

Kids Keen Sandals - the perfect adventure shoe for hot weather

- Fleece top and bottoms - brand doesn't matter too much here

Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Sweater Bunting - we always bring at least one down layer for each kid, and this one really covers ALL the bases. Early-risers can wear it around the campsite on chilly mornings and after the sun goes down, and we even use it as an infant sleeping bag

- Warm socks - brand doesn't matter too much, but wool is ideal

- Thin beanie/winter hat - for under the helmet and on its own


Kid gear:

Giro Kids Scamp Helmet - we love these for the adjustable dial at the back and are MIPS-equipped

Munchkin Snack Catcher Cup - we fill these with the snack du jour and it makes for independent snacking that lasts for more than 30 seconds!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups - our kids insist on a cup of milk just before bed and right after they wake up in the morning, and it MUST be in one of these cups. They're the best.

Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle - easy to hold, drink and open/close

BCozzy Neck Pillow - these help our littles not bobblehead so much during those on-the-bike naps

Big Agnes Torchlight Youth Sleeping Bag - this one grows with them!

Rechargeable sound machine - that soft white noise really helps set our kids up for sleep success 

Stuffed animal from home - we encourage our kids to pick one small stuffy out for themselves for each trip

A few Indestructibles Picture Books - any small book works, but we love these because they're SO light, packable and really are indestructible!

KidCo Camping Crib - it was really great for us to be able to put our kids down for bed in the tent and know that our little was sequestered in a safe spot in our tent. Plus, it packs down so small!



Alvababy Wet/Dry Bag - we keep a pineapple printed one of these with us and easily accessible AT ALL TIMES on our bike trips. It's a great size, has 2 zippered pockets and a handle with a snap. We make sure it's fully stocked with a day's worth of diapering things each morning

Waterproof changing mat - more packable than a traditional changing pad

Diapers/wipes/creams of choice - in small containers

Hand sanitizer - obviously. And many small bottles stashed in other bike bags are a fantastic choice

Roll of doggy poop bags - yes, we're putting this one on the list twice because it's that important (and because 2 rolls of doggy poop bags is better than 1)


Misc must-haves

Voile Straps/bungee cords - good for EVERYTHING. Attaching the Woom to the Argo, synching down stuff sacks, securing toys, etc. We always end up wishing we had more

- Muslin blankets - also good for EVERYTHING. In a pinch, it can be a sunshade, extra pillow, comfort item, explosion rag, picnic blanket, changing cloth, napkin, and more!

- Doggy poop bags - there are always more occasions for needing a plastic bag than we think!

- Sunscreen!! Don't forget little hands and feet and reapply, reapply, reapply!

- Katadyn BeFree Water Filter - lightweight, super fast water filter to help make sure you're never out of water

- Garmin inReach Mini 2 - emergency 2-way texting satellite communicator so we can always reach someone, even when there's not cell service

- - for established bike routes and inspiration while route planning!

- Ride with GPS - another great resource for established bike routes!

- Gaia GPS - fantastic route-building tool, where you put it all together! Also super easy to share the route you created with other riders