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DRESSed For Your Best Virtual Run FAQ


Why are we doing this?

Nuu-Muu’s camaraderie extends around the globe, and since we can’t all travel to Bellingham for a visit, we decided to create a way to share an experience from our respective locations. We are constantly surprised by the creativity of our fans and can’t wait to see what you do with this one! The DRESSed For Your Best Virtual Run combines movement goals with a giving effort and we’re excited to watch a big bunch of magic happen.

Who benefits?

We believe in strong girls and women, so the proceeds from the DRESSed For Your Best Virtual Run will benefit Girls On The Run (GOTR), a fabulous non-profit organization inspiring "girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running." You can learn more about GOTR here.

What the heck is a Virtual Run????

Simply put, a virtual run is an organized event, shared with others, but completed in your own corner of the globe. Our version is super flexible: you choose the location, the date (within a window), and the distance. You can run on a treadmill, at the beach, up the trail, or through the woods. You can do it with friend or alone…or heck, call a Team Nuu-Muu Teamie and run “together” using Facetime! You might run at dawn, you can run out to's entirely up to you to design your own adventure.

After you complete your run, post the details and a fun picture on social media using the hashtag #yesinadress. We totally encourage Teamies to find each other, coordinate to any extent desired, and, of course, to wear their favorite Nuu-Muu.

How far do I have to run?

Choose your own adventure means run as little or as much as you want. Everything from a walk around the block to an Ultra Marathon counts! Just write your chosen distance on your race bib (we’ll email it to you) on race day. We just want you to move your body in your dress. We do encourage you to choose a “reach” goal and shoot for that. We believe in you!

What is included with registration?

All registration levels include an electronic instruction packet and an electronic bib that you can print and wear during your run. DEFINE level registrations (and above) will also receive a custom finishers medal and discounts on Nuu-Muu products, depending on level chosen.

What is the “run window”?

We encourage registrants to help celebrate World Nuu-Muu Day by completing their runs on October 12th, but if that day doesn’t work for you, no problem. The official run window is October 5th through October 19th, 2019. You can complete your DRESSed For Your Best Virtual Run anytime during that window. 

When will I receive my instruction pack, bib and medal?

We will email your electronic race bib and instructions the last week of September and we’ll mail your custom finisher medal the week of October 21st.  

How do I submit my finish time?


We want to share in your experience. Snap a photo of yourself on your run and post it to any of your social media accounts with the hashtag #YesInADress (also tag us! @nuu_muu). We’ll mail your well-deserved custom finishers medal the week of October 21st. You can also post your photos on Nuu-Muu’s Facebook timeline and/or email them to, if you like.

How do you know I completed my run?

We won’t, but we’re big believers in the honor system.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone -- all ages and fitness levels are welcome. It’s a great way to stay motivated! You can walk or run or do some combination of both. And you get to choose your own distance – even a walk around the block counts! Little ones in tow? Pups? Have them join the fun!

Why do I have to pay for shipping on my DEFINE or RISE level registration? 

So we can send your medal in the mail! To avoid shipping, power up - CHANGE level registrations get free medal shipping!

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We ship worldwide, and we love international participants. The more the merrier!

Should I wear my Nuu-Muu Dress?

C’mon now. Of course! Register here