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Art on a dress? Absolutely!!

November 03, 2016 2 min read

Art on a dress? Absolutely!!


Don’t you think our Spring ’16 line reached a whole new level of lovely?

We do! And we owe four of these prints to our very own in-house artist/designer/maker of beauty: Enid Wilson.


Enid (who we affectionately call “E,”) has been a driving force behind our bi-annual print releases for years. Thanks to our fiercely dedicated customers (yay you!), we recently grew to the point where creating our very own prints in-house became viable, which meant we could give Enid the green light to explore her artistic vision on a dress.

E was trained as a fine artist, mainly focused on painting and printmaking, but has experience with sewing, fashion and graphics. “Being self-taught in the aspects of designing pattern in repeat allows me to break the rules just enough to keep an element of surprise and maintain just the right amount of quirkiness in our prints and colors to keep them interesting,” she says. “Designing for Nuu-Muu requires I get out of my own head and into the head of our customer to create something that will resonate with our customer base while still using my design sensibilities.”

Enid’s aesthetic, her balance, and her bold heart are fundamental to the essence of Nuu-Muu, and those qualities are all there in Spring ’16. It’s our best selling line to date, so women must love what they’re seeing. It feels especially good to know that our company encourages our team to expand into the roles they love and to see their super-powers emerge. Enid has a brilliant talent for combining whimsy with femininity and strength, which is what Nuu-Muu is all about. Now we can offer you – our beloved readers and customers – Enid’s gorgeous original art on a dress. So fun!

Enid has a great time designing our dresses, and she keeps you in mind as she does it. “Nuu-Muu customers like to give a little wink to the world as they go about their day,” she says. “If you have errands to do or need to fit your 5 miles in, you might as well feel good and have a little fun while you’re at it.” Agreed!

Enid’s limited-edition Spring ’16 prints are available for purchase on and at our retail partners around the world. If Tealicous, Purrrfect, Jade, Zen, Samba or Flamenco are part of your collection, you are among the first to own an Enid Wilson signature print. Lucky you!

And lucky us. We sure do love our talented E!

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