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Coffeeneuring in B'ham

November 03, 2016 1 min read

Coffeeneuring in B'ham

We're taking’s 6th Annual Coffeeneuring challenge!

What the heck is coffeeneuring, you say? You can learn more here, but it basically entails riding your bike to seven different coffee shops over the course of seven weeks and drinking (you guessed it) coffee! (Or, as the rules say, a coffee-ish drink.)

Since we love bikes and we love coffee, this is something we can easily get behind. It also gives us a chance to highlight some of Bellingham’s wonderful java stops. Like any self-respecting Pacific Northwest town, we have lots. We’ll be doing this in our dresses (of course) and we’ll post little blurbs about our experience here.You can also find our Coffeeneuring photos on instagram. We encourage you to join the fun with your own Coffeeneuring project.

So, without further ado, let’s Coffeeneur!

Espresso Avellino in Bellingham, WA (home of the Muu-Q) was our first stop. Warm and cozy with a great selection of baked goodies, including lots of treats for the glutenless among us, Espresso Avellino has wonderfully friendly baristas and makes a mean Mexican mocha. I ordered one and sat outside with glee before it started pouring rain.

Going inside to escape the downpour was kind of a joy. Avellino has a rotating art display, a warm, cozy vibe, and they play some pretty good tunes. It was a pleasure hanging out and peering at the art while enjoying a warm drink and typing this post.



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