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All Sizes. All.

April 04, 2017 3 min read 2 Comments

All Sizes. All.
Sometimes we find a blog review that makes us all warm and fuzzy. This piece from blogger Betsy of All Bets Are Off is one of those reviews. With Betsy's permission, we've copied a little excerpt below, but we highly recommend heading over to her blog to read the whole thing. This incredible woman has been on quite the journey, losing 230 pounds and reversing Type II diabetes. In her post, she shares her thoughts about the difficulty of finding cute, comfy and totally functional running apparel in all sizes and how it felt when she found Nuu-Muu. We're so glad she did!

"...Some of the best ultra-runners in the world wear skirts when they run.  The woman are strong, talented and fearless.  And they’re wearing these practical and comfortable and cute skirts.  Win, win, win.  It’s as close to glamorous as we’re going to get in this sport. I always wanted to try to pull off that look.  Except that I am a larger size than the elites. And having lost 200+ pounds; well, my upper thighs need a little more care and coverage than most peoples. I simply need a longer inseam in the built-in shorts than is typically offered to help prevent the aforementioned chafing.

I searched high and low and experimented with all kinds of product lines for well over two years. I want to look cute in race pictures. (Ego!)  I also want to respect the spaces I’m running in, special spaces that are wildly scenic. Kind of like dressing up for a party, I like to dress ‘up’ out of respect for the place I’m visiting and running in.

And let’s face it… I don’t need to spend each run looking like I’m wearing whatever doesn’t smell and like I dressed in the dark with whatever garments I could put my hands on.

Then I found this active dress company out of Seattle…

And our local running store, Running Princess, sold the dresses.

I saw one.  Bought it.  Ran in it the next day.

I kind of fell in love with their dresses.

I wear my own compression shorts under it – and WA LA!

Checking out the horizon. Staring at the far off Gooseberry Mesa that I’ll be climbing in about 20 days during the Zion 100 miler. (PC C. Stephens)

I finally had the running dress/skirt I’d been searching for for over two years!

The dress is from a company called Nuu Muu.

And there’s one additional and really vital thing about them that has become increasingly important to me…

They support active women of all sizes.


ALL sizes.

Some companies say they do. This company does it in their branding, marketing, size offerings, event support. I know.  I watched and looked and snooped around to see if this was JUST their clever marketing niche, or if they really meant it.

Their commitment to active women of all sizes is at their core — and it’s obvious. As someone who was starting to be active and painfully stood out EVEN MORE than I already was at 300ish pounds in my boxy cotton T’s and ‘big and tall’ men’s shorts from Walmart…

I instantly felt a surge of gratitude and compassion for this company’s approach to helping woman feel strong and pretty and confident while being active…  No matter their size."

The gratitude and love is mutual, Betsy. Thank you for sharing your words and your journey with us. If you haven't already, head over to Betsy's blog to learn more about her journey with trail running, health, and fun running attire.



2 Responses

Roberta Thornton
Roberta Thornton

July 29, 2017

So, Betsy, what size are you wearing now? I’m normally a 1X or 2X in athletic wear, but 20-22 is 3X in NuuMuu. I usually am a 20 in normal clothing. You are amazing, lady. Keep it up! I’d love to subscribe to your blog!

Carol Ecanlon
Carol Ecanlon

July 28, 2017

I’m a size petite 4…. what size shoukd I order?
My friend absolutely adored your dresses and I want several!!!

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