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Earth Day is every day

April 21, 2017 2 min read

Earth Day is every day

Earth Day. I am glad it has gained a following. I sincerely hope it isn’t a Hallmark moment. Or a selling moment. Or a band aid. 

I organized my first Earth Day celebration at Juanita High School in 1988 as a sophomore after creating our school’s chapter of Earth Corps and the environmental column of our school newspaper. We started a recycling program; eliminated Styrofoam from the cafeteria; organized a tree-planting effort; and shared information about sustainable choices and the value of protecting endangered ecosystems and animals. As I re-read some of the articles in our column, I am a little embarrassed by some of my youthful judgments, but I am very proud of my passion. 

Fast forward to starting Nuu-Muu in 2008. A lot about me had changed in 20 years, but my strong desire to create a company that would contribute to good in the world was consistent with my 15 year-old self. It helped that I was partnered-up with a friend as committed as anyone I have ever met to living as a sustainable human. 

What does “sustainable” mean at Nuu-Muu? 

It means that we are proud members of 1% for the Planet and the Conservation Alliance and donate regularly to a number of environmental organizations as outlined on our giving page

It means that the bottom line isn’t our primary concern. 

It means we work towards limiting our carbon imprint. Our mailers are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. We opt for recycled fabrics when available including our proprietary organic cotton/recycled poly Tee fabric that is milled specifically for Nuu-Muu in the United States.  We use highest-quality materials and sew in the United States to ensure that our products are built to last. We totally believe in hand-me-downs: we encourage a lively after-market trade group on Facebook. 

We want every dress we make to be worn and worn and worn. And then worn some more. 

Why do I care?  My best moments are always spent outside, reveling in the beauty and diversity of this planet. I desperately want my children (and yours) to be able to enjoy clean air, clean water, biodiversity and the beauty of a healthy planet. I believe it is our job. I believe it is our gift. 

I also know that in our busy lives, it can be difficult to consistently make the choices that actually sustain our planet. I am promising myself again to focus on the small moments – they matter and they add up. 

- Christine

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