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Christmas (& Birthday & Just Because) Gifts for Runners

October 30, 2020 4 min read

Christmas (& Birthday & Just Because) Gifts for Runners

Photo credit: Citizen Burro

Nuu-Muu partnered with Brandy Searcy, owner of Rain Organica (small batch skin care products made from sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients) to bring this gift guide to you. She has done a beautiful job rounding up not only thoughtful and unique items, but ones from other small, women-owned companies who use their businesses to foster good in the world.




Regardless of the type of runner on your shopping list (sprinter, endurance, or outdoor runner), you’ll find the perfect thoughtful gift to make her beam in this post.  Let’s jump right in.

Best gifts for long distance (endurance) runners

Definitely consider a multi-functional dress by Nuu-Muu, intended for all types of bodies and any environment (lounging, traveling, running, hiking, even biking).  These dresses are quick drying, breathable, and they don’t show sweat.  Nuu-Muu is also thinking ahead by including a pocket in some of their designs (sheer brilliance). 

If your friend is tall, she’ll want to layer one of the Nuu-Muu dresses over a pair of pants from Sequoia Clothing.  Sequoia Clothing makes pants for tall, active women.  Sequoia is a brand new company, and their behind the scenes coverage on IG shows they’ve put a lot of thought into the design, functionality, & quality of these pants.

Hands free dog running leash

It’s always nice to have your hands free while running, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves taking her dog along on runs, this hands free dog running leash by Wag Theroy is the ultimate thoughtful gift.  Complete with an accessory ring for your keys or bag holder, waterproof, and made to order (right in Portland).  Oh, and did I mention you can totally personalize this gift with a phrase or name?  And, if you just hate wrapping gifts, let Wag Theory wrap it for you with their gift wrapping service.

Best gloves for runners in winter

Help her keep her hands warm during her run with these wind and water resistant run mitts by WhitePaws RunMitts.  What’s so special about these mitts?  They make it easy to free your fingers & quickly tap to the next song on your phone without having to completely remove your mitten (and get it back on).  These mitts also have room to house a hand warmer.  Pair a set of mitts with a face gaiter from WhitePaws RunMitts to help her keep her face as warm as her hands during her run. 

Best stocking stuffers for long distance (endurance) runners

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who runs long distances outdoors, chances are she’ll really appreciate these meal pouches by Fernweh Food Company.  Vegan, gluten-free and complete meals that can be mixed up right in their compostable bag just by mixing in hot water.  She can prep this in her car after a run with a thermos of hot water and replenish her body with wholesome food freeing her to explore new running trails even further from home.  Fernweh Food Co offers some truly hearty meals like Southwest Stew and Mushroom Pot Pie (complete with gluten free dumplings).

To help keep her thermos insulated even more, Citizen Burro offers wool sleeves for thermoses and water bottles.  She’ll really appreciate one of these for her stainless steel water bottle as she is greeted with the warm softness of merino wool sleeves rather than the cold, hard steel on a chilly day. 

Help her protect her skin by gifting her a pocket size antioxidant spray by Rain Organica.  These spritzers fit easily into a front or back pocket so she can spritz onto her face as needed throughout the run to help protect her skin from environmental stressors (like sunlight and air pollution).

One last gift any long-distance runner will adore if she trains outdoors (even if she thinks it’s weird at first) is a Kula Cloth.  A Kula Cloth is a life changer for peeing in the wild.  It has a waterproof side to keep her hands dry, and the super absorptive anti-microbial side lets her dry herself completely after she goes.  With a double snap to keep the cloth folded in half (so the waterproof clean side stays out towards clothes and the world) and also firmly attached to her belt loop during her run. 

Christmas Gifts for her to enjoy after her run

Redbudsuds 4-in-1 shower bar in a bag lathers as a shampoo+conditioner+soap+shave bar in an exfoliating recyclable bag that doubles as a storage bag for the shower bar.  The all-natural shower bars are made in Ohio & fragranced only with essential oils, and come in plastic free packaging.

Elevate her unwinding experience with Run Wild & Be, a collection of poems & stories by Syd Zester about outdoor spaces and endurance running.  Consider gifting her a subscription to Sisu Magazine so she can enjoy similar writers with each issue delivered quarterly. 

A good read is best paired with a warm drink in a beautiful setting.  Trail Toddy takes care of the warm drink with one of four mixes individually packaged in compostable bags.  Just add hot water to make a delicious beverage (a shot of liquor is optional) to enjoy while savoring the latest edition of Sisu Magazine. 

Trail Toddies are best served in one of Becca Bee Pottery’s beautiful mugs.  Hand-thrown and crafted in Oregon, these mugs celebrate movement and nature.  Tawa Threads runners further boost the ambiance in any room.  Gift one of these tapestries in nature-themed colors with vibrant patterns as a multi-functional gift that can be used as a table or bed runner, wall tapestries and even as a clothing accessory (she can wear these as a scarf, swimsuit cover, or as a head cover).

Lastly, but far from least, if she’s planning to meet up with friends after her run, gift her a pair of Moss Tangle’s wood burned earrings.  These earrings complete with hypoallergenic nickel free posts are excellent stocking stuffers to pair with a Tawa Threads runner as their colors complement each other well.

I hope this article lets you complete all your shopping for the endurance runners on your Christmas list this year. 




We are super grateful to Brandy for all the work she has put into this lovely blog post, and we hope you enjoyed it too!

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