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Love Dinners

February 14, 2015 1 min read

Love Dinners

Love dinners?I wondered if she was teasing me, using her newly found appreciation for reverse psychology. Maybe she meant Too Busy dinners. Or perhaps Lazy dinners. Certainly not Love dinners.

Yeah mom, those ones called LOVE?? (Said with a definite “DUH” tone.) They just spell it backwards.

I found the package and there it was: Evol.

It was so very obvious to my 10 year old that she almost didn’t realize it wasn’t actually “love” – to her it was essentially one and the same. Just backwards.

I appreciated this striking example of how her brain works and how clearly she can see things that I miss completely. I appreciate that for the rest of my life, “evol-ution” will be defined in my mind as increasing one’s capacity to love. Evolving is just loving without the extra “v”. Just ask my daughter.

And it was a nice reminder that perspective is absolutely everything.

Wishing you a highly evolved (10-year old) perspective this Valentine’s Day!


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