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Re-Treated with Nuu-Muu

January 15, 2015 2 min read

Re-Treated with Nuu-Muu

You might think that, having started the beautiful enigma that has become Nuu-Muu, I would understand more than others about what makes her tick. How it is that Nuu-Muu envelopes amazing women and why the thing that was supposed to be a company has really always been a community.

I don’t, exactly.

But after the gorgeous weekend I just experienced, I am starting to get it. Nuu-Muu has adventured into Adventures. A bold step, but a natural one for this team. I will admit to a very self-indulgent moment: when I saw the Yoga & Nordic Ski Adventure our team was leading, I didn’t think about a single thing besides signing myself up. Pretty please, can I go??? Thankfully, “they” said “yes”.

And so I found myself in the Methow Valley in northern Washington State, nestled into a cabin-esque lodge, part of a group of 12 wise and wonderful women for 4 lovely days. There was snow on the ground and an invigorating chill in the air. A friendly wood stove warmed us almost as much as the honest conversation, the genuine affection and the earthy food.

We did a lot of yoga. 9 hoursof yoga to be precise, although it didn’t feel precise. 9 hours of gentle, blissful yoga in a bright and cozy studio adjacent to our lodge. A space that almost felt like an extension of the massive pine trees looming over us, the exquisite wilderness around us, visible every time we opened our eyes, every time we noticed. Elizabeth led us, letting her gorgeous way in the world define a major part of our weekend.

We played in the snow. We “ice-shoed,” which is what I call it when the snow freezes solid and you get to smack your way through it. We skied and fell down and got up and giggled. We ice skated, in an outdoor ice rink we had nearly all to ourselves with the major exception of two bald eagles who chirped from the adjacent pines. We fat biked (!), and by “we” I mean “we” (not me) and I am thinking specifically of Megan who, at 66, decided that every single event the weekend offered was designed especially for her. And I guess it was.

We ate. Caramelized tofu and roasted Brussels sprouts on beds of Forbidden rice and fresh spinach. Polenta lasagna. Wild green salad with pomegranate seeds and heavenly dressing. Minestrone soup. Double chocolate cookies. Homemade blueberry muffins. Quiche. Pumpkin bread pudding.

We experienced a Sound Bathwith Becky, something which absolutely must be capitalized and italicized and bolded because it was a defining experience for each one of us, profoundly physical and lovely and magical. Please believe me and go find yourself a Sound Bath.

We talked. We shared. We laughed. We rested. We read. And we left with full hearts.

For me it was a journey back in time, remembering what Nuu-Muu means to me. Rejoicing in the lovely spirits of the other women who shared the weekend. It was a return and it was a treat. It was my much needed retreat.

And I decided to change my title from “Founder” to “Believer.” Unless of course you a have better one.


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