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Fit Party

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Fit Party

In some contexts, this might sound like a group workout…which would also be perfectly appropriate at Nuu-Muu. This time though, a “Fit Party” had everything to do with gathering a group of women in our home base of Bellingham to try on dresses. Our goal was to get as close as possible to understanding how “true to size” our products are, where any sizing issues show up, and how happy different women were with the fit.

A few things we noticed. First: more than 75 local Bellinghamsters offered to participate. We were blown away by that response and are so grateful that women are willing to share their time and opinions (and perhaps some wine and chocolate) with us. So, right off the bat, THANK YOU LADIES.

On April 23, we collected a fantastic group of women and a solid representation of the sizes we offer (XS-3XL). We had a delightfully hectic evening that was as entertaining as it was informative. We handed out very official (!) questionnaires and generated lots of good old-fashioned conversation. What about the length? What about space in the torso? What about armholes? What would you change? What’s your favorite part of the dress? How does your Nuu-Muu size compare to other clothing that you wear? We left no stone unturned (or perhaps, more appropriately, no hips uncovered).

And good news: overall, the fit fit! What we noted, most importantly, is that the dress works for such a variety of shapes and sizes. Curvy, lean, tall, petite, bedecked in the chest, or not…women feel good in a Muu. Several outcomes from the evening stand out: 

  1. Ladies seemed to appreciate the extra wiggle room in the mid-section;
  2. Testers of the larger sizes thought that armholes could be a little smaller; and,
  3. Across the board, people felt their dress size in the current Nuu-Muu sizing is consistent with sizing they buy when shopping in stores with various brands.

In recounting the evening, we were reminded of some of our early house parties where women in Boise or Bellingham would go through dozens of dresses sharing mirrors in one bedroom or living room or another. It also brings us back to the dressing room test – it has always done right by us. Get bodies in dresses and watch the magic happen.

It really does take a village. Thank you all for participating in our company and making this so fun, year after year!!

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