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Happy Women's Day!

March 08, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Happy Women's Day!

Three Ways We #PressforProgress on International Women’s Day

#1 – Our Products

At Nuu-Muu, we delight in offering a simple and time-tested product that is designed by and for women without a backward glance. We are here to celebrate our colors, our warmth, our strength, our beauty, our hips and our community. We pack all of that into a profoundly versatile and magical dress. Our idea in pressing for progress: own your own heart, honor your own body and fulfill your brightest potential. And if you feel like it, do it in a dress.

#2 – Our Community

If women don’t support one another, we’ll never reach parity. This brings us to Team Nuu-Muu, our Facebook group and most favorite place on the Internet. If there was ever a place overflowing with women supporting women, this is it. Friendships are made via keyboards across the miles. Tears are shed. Wise advice is given. Women of all ages and body shapes and backgrounds connect through our dresses, but more importantly, over our shared female and human experience.

Our Teamies all love Nuu-Muu, and therefore naturally think a bit outside the box. They’re strong. They’re powerful. They’re full of spunk, passion, and life. They run marathons, climb mountains, teach children, run businesses and non-profits, play, paddle, garden, weather pregnancy and menopause, become grandmothers, and travel the world. They do all of this in their dresses, and they do it while supporting one another. They give us goosebumps daily. We’ve never seen a community like this, and we’re so grateful that our products give us an excuse to nourish it.

#3 – Our Company

Our business is entirely owned, run, and created by…you guessed it: women. Our leaders are women. Our shipping fairies are women. Our designer? A woman. We are part of the Outdoor Industry, which is chock full of men, and we make a female-centric technical product and shake things up a bit. Because we’re an all-female team, our meetings are amazing: full of the qualities that women tend to embody: empathy, connection, listening, and deep respect. We make tough decisions together. We create strategy together. We nurture our relationships with one another and our customers, and we run our business in a completely different way: grounded in love, guided by smarts and community. And none of us would trade it for the world.

When you support us, you directly support gender parity. Thanks for pressing for progress today…and every day.  


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Judy Wakeman
Judy Wakeman

March 08, 2018

I am so proud to be a small part of the Nuu Muu Muvment! I love the dresses, the staff, the Teamies, and the love is support that is shared on a daily basis. Nuu Muu makes me smile everyday – a totally positive experience that will warm your heart and feed your soul. Become a part of the Muvment – you will be so thankful you came into the fold???

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