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Ski in your Muu!

March 02, 2018 2 min read

Ski in your Muu!

“Whywould I ski in a dress?” 

You certainly don’tneed one, but you might want to give it a try it.  Here are a few reasons why: 


1.  It stays tucked in.   

Seriously!  It never comesuntucked from mysnowpants – even when skinning with a backpack – yet doesn't add extra bulk.  It's a simple solution to keeping the powder off your tummy and back skin when the landing from your epic cliff drop doesn't go 100%...or when you catch an edge and have a little yard sale.  

2.  It dries the fastest (and doesn't stink!).  

I don't know what it is about this particular polyester and spandex blend, but it's the only thing I've found that I can completely soak in sweat on the uphill and will still dry out under the layers that I immediately throw on at the summit.  ANuu-Muu with aValleau bra are the onlybaselayers Iwear for backcountry skiing, and these 2 products were game changers for me. Remember, cotton is rotten!

3.  The pockets.  

That's right, there are pockets. TheRuu-Muu and Scoop versions of this dress come with 2 sneaky pockets right at the base of your back,and they don't have obnoxious zippers that dig into you.  Can't feelem if they're empty, but can fit any of your smallish items back there.  Say, perhaps, a can of beer in each? (tested and proven) 

Pro tip: put a hand warmer or two in the back pockets for instant heat at your core.   

4.  The protection when you pee.   

Know how cold and exposed your backend can feel when nature calls and you're out in nature?  Thelength of aNuu-Muu gives you just a smidgeon morecoverage  - front and back – when you droptrou

5.  Theapres-ski versatility. 

Wanna go grab a drink with friends after a day on the slopes?  Need to snag some groceries or hustle to your kiddo's recital?  You can stay in full ski gear until you get home, or your Nuu-Muu can give you the choice to leave your adventure drenchedsnowpants in the car, and not give yourthreadbarelongjohns a second thought.  No need to bring a change of clothes for post powder play – Nuu-Muu's got you and yourtooshie covered.       


For me, it's not so much being able to say or show that I'm skiing in a dress - though that element can be fun too.  Why I wear aNuu-Muu every time I ski boils down to one main reason: they're sodarn functional.  

Want to see a video of some Nuu-Muu's getting to play on skis?  Go here:  

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