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May 22, 2015

An adventure mom, wife and racer, Heather loves watching the sunrise on an early morning paddle or building forts in the woods and exploring a new beach with her kids. But nothing makes her happier than setting off on a sea kayak expedition or backpacking adventure with her family. Heather loves using her Nuu-Muu for everything from SUPing (StandUp Paddleboarding) in Baja to a 50th Anniversary dinner party with friends!

Read below for a glimpse into what life is like for a Paddleboarder in a Nuu-Muu.


It’s a beautiful day! I slip on my favorite Nuu-Muu, walk the kids to school, then I strap the SUP on the car and I’m off to a meeting. I step into the meeting proud of how I am dressed, looking sharp and athletic, feeling confident!

An hour later I’m headed to the water. I carry my SUP down to the beach and, already dressed to paddle, hop on. With each stroke, I lose myself to the beauty and serenity that comes with every dip of the blade. My Nuu-Muu moves with me as I rotate and reach, the fabric wicks and breathes.

The late-morning sun is warm and I’ve worked up a sweat, so I dive off the board and glide silently below the water’s surface, until my board’s leash pulls at my ankle. Rising, I catch the board, climb back on feeling totally refreshed, and ramp up to race-pace on my way back to the beach. By the time I reach shore and have the SUP back on the roof rack, my Nuu-Muu is dry and every bit as stylish as when I first slipped it on.

 As I head to the grocery store, then to get the kids and hit the playground for some freeze tag, I feel great! I feel beautiful! I feel proud!

-Heather Nelson

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