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Muus Fore Golf (!)

July 09, 2015 2 min read

Muus Fore Golf (!)

Hailing from a farm near Carrot River (pop. 1,200) in Northeast Saskatchewan, our buddy Connie owns 30 (yes, thirty) Muus. She is an active and much beloved member of our Team Nuu-Muu Facebook Group, and lovingly wears her collection for everything.

Seriously. This woman does it all.

Connie uses her Muus for traveling, cross-country skiing, running, family days with her grandchildren, swimming, golf, and even stomping grapes, among many, many other activites. Ruu-Muus make great golf dresses, so we asked Connie to share her experiences wearing a Muu on the links, and had so much fun learning more about this fabulous lady in the process.




Favorite spot(s)/course(s) to golf:
Pasquia Regional Park– only twelve miles from our farm.

Handicap: N/A
I stopped golfing competitively in tournaments 10 years ago, so I don’t feel a need to bother with a handicap. For me, golf is all about having an enjoyable game without being too serious. Some games are good, some bad! It really doesn’t matter to me as long as I am well, fit, and able to participate.


Left handed or right?
I am a left-handed person golfing right-handed!

What are you working on in your golf game?
I am trying to improve my accuracy and be more consistent in chipping.

Most memorable golf moment?
Organizing the Golf Fore the Cure Event in my area. This event raises awareness and funding for breast cancer. 100 women adorned in pink golfed together and raised over $7000.00 for research. We were equally successful the second time. I plan to wear Sangria this year. Feelin’ pretty in pink!


Who taught you to play?
I am self-taught (for the most part). A few lessons here and there from our Club pro over the years.

What would make golf more fun?
A longer season in our northern climate!

What makes the Ruu awesome for golf?
Ruus are flattering dresses that cover my body comfortably without binding or restricting movement. They’re cool and lightweight on a hot day and easy to layer on a cool windy day.


Anything you would change about the dress?
Not a single thing!

Favorite Golf Item to Stash in your Ruu pocket?
Tissues, an extra ball, greens repair tool and most important for me…allergy medication!

Does the Ruu meet course dress codes where you live? Have you ever had a problem?
Yes to the first question. Our dress codes are fairly relaxed on our course and I always get compliments for being so well dressed! Some courses require a collar so I just pop a polo shirt over my dress and I meet requirements. I like the look, too!


Any parting words?
I love the simplicity of the Muu. If your intention was to create a garment that makes women feel comfortable, strong, and feel beautiful then you gals nailed it! I feel lifted to this level with every Nuu-Muu/Ruu-Muu dress I wear! Thanks heaps for inviting me to share in the wonderful world of Nuu Muu where I find acceptance, strength, friendship and have fun in the process!


Thank YOU, Connie! We heart you!


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