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Sleeves! Length! V-neck! Go Be!

March 17, 2021 2 min read

Please GO make me a dress I can BE totally comfortable in. One I can wear to GO run an errand or just BE free to twirl. I’d like to GO someplace fun and it would BE amazing to wear a new dress…with sleeves! It’s funny how my GO-to has always been Nuu-Muu and that Nuu-Muu always seems to BE right there with what I need.

With that, we’re so super excited to introduce our newest style: The GoBe.

The GoBe is our answer to lots and lots and LOTS of customer requests: Sleeves, please! Longer, please! V-neck, please! Sure thing! Check, check, check! We're happy to oblige.

Although she’s a bit of a departure from our traditional exercise dresses and more oriented toward lifestyle and travel, the GoBe incorporates all of the things you love about your Ruu-Muus, Nuu-Muus, and Scoops:

  • Super silky four-way stretch polyester/spandex blend with a bit of peaching for extra cozy softness.
  • Won’t wrinkle! Pack the GoBe with confidence.
  • Flowing, forgiving A-line cut is comfortable and looks great on pretty much everyone.
  • Wicks moisture, hides sweat, resists stains.
  • Versatile length hits roughly at knee depending on height.
  • Entirely Made-in-the-USA, start to finish.

We’re starting with a small batch for this first release - only 300, spread across two prints and all sizes. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Buy her, wear her, love her, and send your feedback to


Questions? We've got you...

How does the fabric compare to that of the Ruu-Muu, Nuu-Muu, and Scoop dresses?

The GoBe fabric is a bit heavier (drapes beautifully) with a bit of peaching for extra softness and retains everything you know and love about our other dresses: comfortable four-way stretch, no wrinkles (ever), easy to care for, even easier to wear. It’s just what you’d want for the lifestyle version of a Nuu-Muu branded dress.

How is the sizing?

We recommend you order your usual size. If you own a Ruu-Muu, Nuu-Muu, or Scoop style dress, order that size. If you’re new to us, check out our size charts here.

How long is the GoBe?

The GoBe will hit in the knee zone on most folks depending on height. You can find actual lengths on our size chart here.

Does it have a pocket?


How much do they cost?
The entirely made-in-the-USA GoBe dress retails for $98 USD.

Shop the GoBe here!

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