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Prance in your Prants!

January 29, 2021 2 min read

Prance in your Prants!

Surprise! We made leggings! And we’re calling them Prants. Because these pants are so comfortable and fun they make you want to prance. Pants + Prance = Prants! Best name ever.

Our brand-new bottoms come in two gorgeous prints: Heaven (yes, you’ve seen it before!), and Helena, a darker version of Heaven. (!!!)

Fun fact: Enid painstakingly designed these patterns with a Q-tip. Amazing.

This is the awesomeness that will make you want to prance…in your Prants:

  • High-rise waistband and flatlock seams for comfort and support
  • Pockets on each thigh for your phones, keys, snacks, chapstick, etc.
  • Polyester/spandex stretch performance blend made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Gusset for mobility and freedom of movement
  • Just like our dresses, our Prants wick moisture and hide sweat and all that good stuff
  • Versatile length hits roughly at lower calf depending on your height
  • Sewn in the USA

Here’s the deal: we made a really small batch to start. Like super small. Only 290 to be exact, split across both prints, which means there aren’t many available in each size. (And our team stole a few pairs for us!)  We expect the Prants to sell out quickly. And when that happens, we’re going to make more! Please know that we have every intention of making more. If you manage to get your hands on some, wear them, love them, and send us your feedback. And post/send photos too – we love those. Tag us on instagram: @nuu_muu

What size should I buy?

Check out our Prants size chart for guidance. And as always, feel free to email for personalized size recommendations.

Tell me about the fabric.

Much like our dresses, our Prants fabric is a deliciously silky recycled polyester/spandex blend. It’s a lot like our dress fabric…only a smidge heavier. They stretch as needed and provide just the right amount of compression for a smooth fit and comfort. You. Will. Love. Them. 

Do they have pockets?

Yes! One on each side! The pockets are conveniently and comfortably located on the outer thigh area and should fit your phone easily.

How long are they?

Depending upon your height, these should reach to mid- or lower-calf.


Our sewn-in-the-USA Prants retail for $78 USD.


Get yours here.          

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